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Preferred by Musicians

"This is one of the best interviews I've done in awhile, I must say. You really did your homework and it's not always the case so I really appreciate that."

Raul Midón (GRAMMY Award-nominated Singer/Songwriter)

"This has been one of my favorite ever, thank you so much for doing so much research and being so knowledgeable and prepared, I think you're amazing. If everyone did as great a job as you we'd have much better interviews!"

Paul Avgerinos (GRAMMY Award-winning New Age Composer)

"Your questions were great.. you're a great interviewer! Wow, i'm going to listen to your podcast! You're terrific!"

Larry Hochman (Tony Award-winning Orchestrator)

"Thank you so much Nik and listen, I had the time of my life and I could have been another hour with you."

Jorge Calandrelli (GRAMMY Award-winning composer, arranger and pianist)

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