Fenaroli Partimento Book 1, No. 1 (4 voices)

Here's my realization of Fenaroli's Partimento Book 1, No. 1 for 4 voices.

This was a beginning partimento exercise for young children (10-12?) in the Naples conservatories of the 18th century.

You have to know how to play the Rule of the Octave (which is not just triads). The harmony is different ascending vs descending to add to the complexity of where you are contextually in the score.

To add to the fun, it changes key midway to D so you have to know the Rule of the Octave in that key as well.

Then it includes all 3 types of cadences (Simple, Compound, Double).

When you're faced with half notes in the bass, you have to also know how to fill out the space, you can't just play a half notes in the right hand.

So that's a tremendous amount of information just to do the first exercise, those kids were amazing.

This is real music education, which I really feel our children today should be exposed to.

©2019 Nikhil Hogan.