My Furno No. 3 Realization (4-voice)

Here's my 4-voice realization of Furno 3. There are some things which I found interesting:

1) Bar 4, Beat 4: Going from (5) to (6) you need a full dominant chord.

2) Bar 5, Beats 2-4: Putting a #4/2 chord on (4) descending to (3) instead of a plain 5 chord. 3) Bar 7, Beats 2-3: Descending from (4) and doubling the 3rd on (3)

4) Bar 9, Beats 1-2: added a 7th to the chord prepared from the previous bar and then going to the #6,4,3 chord on Beat 2.

This partimento was used to help students get a grip on cadences but there's also quite a few other things you have to know to complete it!

©2019 Nikhil Hogan.